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TTATCA Elects new Board

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Good day members,

At the General Meeting on Wednesday 13th November 2019, a new Board of Directors of TTATCA was elected and I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce the newly elected representatives. They are as follows:

TTATCA Board 2019

Vice Chairperson/ Technical Director - Vaneeta Singh

Professional Director - Anyssa Falby

Financial Director - Kefim De Graff

Social Director - Ameer Chattergoon

Secretary - Anthon Joseph

Assistant Secretary - Joseph Ryan

Chairman - Jonathan Cockburn

We look forward to serving you and also engaging in the interest of you, the members.

I also take this time to infrom you that there will be an infromal Christmas/End of Year Tailgate "Lime" at a date to be announced shortly.


Jonathan Cockburn,


Trinidad & Tobago Air Traffic Controllers Association

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