OGM - 4th August 2021

Updated: Jul 23

PLATFORM: Google Meet *Check email for meeting link*

DATE: Wednesday 4th August

TIME: 1030-1130AM


  • 2020 Annual/Financial Report

  • Administrative Action Plan

  • ByeLaw Reform

  • Constitutional Reform

  • Tentative Elections

  • Draft Election Procedure

  • Other matters


Executive will present on item, pertinent questions will be addressed.

Table all discussion on all topics under Other Matters


  • TTATCA Annual Report 2020

  • 1982 Constitution & ByeLaws

  • 1999 TTATCA ByeLaw Amendments Proposed

  • TTATCA ByeLaws20201 Draft Document

  • TTATCA Constitutional Reform Draft Document

  • Interpretation & Amendments to Constitution

  • Handing Over & Take Over Procedures

  • Executive Roles & Responsibilities

  • Recording & Reporting

  • Non-profit Adherence Upkeep

  • Electoral Process

Documents will be emailed to members prior to meeting. Items listed under Constitutional reform is what the executive proposes to be included in the next iteration of the Constitution.

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