​In 1980, having determined that a professional association would enhance the development of the profession in Trinidad and Tobago, air traffic controllers formed the Trinidad and Tobago Air Traffic Controllers Association (TTATCA) as a professional, non-political, non-profit organization.

Later, in 1982, in furtherance of the aims of the association, which includes the professional development of the air traffic controller and the development of civil aviation in the Caribbean region, TTATCA affiliated to the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA).

From that time onwards, Trinidad and Tobago has made a significant contribution to the global development of civil aviation by participating actively in the development of an International Federation of  132 member associations by serving on its standing committees, and by regularly providing secretaries and chairmen at international conferences along with other international representation.

In 1991, Trinidad & Tobago successfully hosted the international IFATCA Annual Conference; and as a member association within the IFATCA Americas Region, we have also hosted three IFATCA regional meetings.

IFATCA is managed by an Executive Board elected at its annual conference, and TTATCA members have also served at this level. In 1992, Mr. Samuel Lamkin, a TTATCA member was elected as Executive Vice President - Americas Region, serving for six years in this position. He was then twice elected to the highest office of President and Chief Executive Officer, serving for four years. Another former President and Chief Executive Officer of IFATCA, Mr. Alexis Brathwaite, is also from Trinidad and Tobago and a member of TTATCA.

Civil Aviation in Trinidad and Tobago is managed by the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority. TTATCA played a significant part in the creation of this authority having served on an initial committee, which recommended the authority as the most appropriate vehicle for the development of aviation in Trinidad and Tobago, and then on the subsequent implementation committees.

 TTATCA works to assist, educate and develop air traffic controllers at home and by extension contribute to the development of aviation in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. Throughout our history we have ensured that not only air traffic controllers benefit from our efforts but all members of staff since we believe that all staff, including clerical staff and technicians, contribute to the safety of the traveling public.

Trinidad and Tobago is responsible for providing Air Traffic Services in a vast region that links North and South America; and Europe to the Caribbean and South America. As such, these services provided by Trinidad and Tobago air traffic controllers are critical for achieving the seamless, global air traffic management system envisaged by the International Civil Aviation Organization in its strategic objectives and Global Air Navigation Plan.

Past Executive Boards

2015- 2016

 Chairman- Ann-marie Plaza-Hosein

Jerome Martin

Anyssa Falby

Ameera Hosein

Michelle Leopold 

Anton Ramdass

Kendall George

2016- 2017

 Chairman - Dhanesh Kumar

Vaneeta Singh

Jerome Martin

Antonio Rodriguez

Ameera Hosein

Anton Joseph

Ameer Chattergoon

2017- 2019

 Chairman- Jerome Martin

Ameer Chattergoon

Mathew Narine

Mallory Sennon

Antonio Rodriguez

Anthon Joseph 

Rolston Ramroop

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